One of the key tools to fight COVID-19 and slow its spread is in your pocket.

CA COVID Notify is L
IVE Statewide!

Berkeley Lab strongly encourages everyone to turn on California COVID Notify Exposure Notifications, which uses proximity technology to notify a person if they have been near someone who has a positive test for COVID-19.

  • Participation is strictly voluntary

  • No location tracking technology is being used

  • No one at the Lab or at UC will have any access to your personal information

  • The app is an augment to contact tracing, not a replacement

Get started today by going to

All the information you need to install and enable Exposure Notifications is available on the UCHealth LBL Site (

iOS Users - Upgrade to 14.2 Now

iOS Users need to upgrade to the most current version of iOS, 14.2, before they can enable California COVID Notify using Exposure Notifications. For more information or assistance with upgrading your iOS device, visit Apple's upgrade page. If you're having issues and need assistance, visit A small number of users have reported issues with Google Authenticator after this upgrade - if you experience issues, go to Settings > General > Device Storage, Tap on the Authenticator app, choose 'Offload App' and then reinstall the Authenticator App.

What About Privacy?

The Google/Apple Exposure Notification system was designed from the ground up to protect privacy and enable user choice. The system does not collect, track or store users’ location, GPS information, or personal information. LBL strongly recommends watching the video below to learn more about how the system protects your privacy. For more information, consult the CA COVID Notify privacy policy. Really want to dive into the technical details? Here's the full technical implementation spec from Google/Apple.


Should I install this on my personal or Lab device?

>>> Please install this on any device you carry with you regularly - typically your personal (or lbl owned) smartphone. Installation instructions are on the UCHealth Site

Is this mandatory for LBL staff?

>>> No, participating in CA COVID Notify is entirely voluntary, whether on your Lab owned or personal device. Participation is highly encouraged to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Can anyone participate in this pilot?

> Yes, CA Notify is now live Statewide and available to anyone.

What if my device says exposure notifications are not available?

On iOS, confirm you are running iOS 14.2 - you will see the option in earlier versions but you will not be able to turn on Exposure Notifications.

Will this drain the battery of my device?

>>> No. The CA COVID Notify app/profile is designed to have minimal effect on data and battery life by using Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

Where do i go if i have additional questions?

>> Send questions to

Send questions to