Upload Your COVID Vaccine Card

You can upload your COVID vaccination card at clinic.lbl.gov. If you have been vaccinated at one of the Lab clinics, your vaccination information is stored in the Lab’s occupational health record system, and no further action is needed.

If you have been fully vaccinated from any other source, such as your health care provider or in a community clinic (one dose for the J&J vaccine and two doses for the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine), please upload a jpg copy of your card. There are many appointments available.

If you need a replacement vaccination card, you can start at the California Immunization Registry, where you can request a copy.

UC Proposed Policy on COVID Vaccinations

The comment period was open until May 31 on a proposed UC policy requiring COVID vaccinations for anyone accessing UC facilities. The Lab is waiting for a final decision from UC on the policy.

UC is supporting the immunization of its staff, faculty, students, and others as a way to return to in-person operations this fall. The draft policy is being shared now so there is ample time to obtain the vaccine prior to fall. The policy has exemptions for medical or religious reasons.

The details on implementing the policy will be handled by each UC site, including the Lab. This would be effective when at least one COVID vaccine has FDA approval. The policy would apply to the Lab, subject to any superseding federal or DOE contractual mandates.

In the interim, the UC interim vaccine policy is still in effect. That policy calls for every employee to be educated on the public health benefit of being vaccinated and strongly suggests obtaining a vaccination when available to you.


UC news release

UC Proposed Policy on COVID Vaccinations

FAQs on UC COVID Vaccination Policy

Send your comments to UC

COVID-19 Vaccine Information Sheets

Where to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine

Sign Up for My Turn

My Turn is a database administered by the state. Sign up or call (833) 422-4255 to sign up.

This site provides real-time scheduling of vaccine appointments. You can search by zip code and by vaccine manufacturer.

Vaccine Finder

Vaccine Spotter - Community-sourced website that provides options by zip code, vaccine manufacturer, and pharmacy.

Vaccine Spotter - In Spanish

In addition, the following links may assist you in finding an appointment.

County Vaccine Information

Alameda County

Contra Costa County

Marin County

Napa County

San Francisco County

San Mateo

Santa Clara County

Solano County

Sonoma County

Health Provider Vaccine Information

Anthem Blue Cross

Health Net

John Muir Health

Kaiser Permanente

UC Health Net

Pharmacy Providers



Rite Aid

Safeway - Albertson's is the parent company; make your vaccine appointment for a local Safeway.