Onsite COVID Testing

Per Berkeley Lab's Covid-19 vaccination policy, weekly testing is required for individuals working onsite who have a) not been vaccinated or b) have not supplied proof of vaccination.



Proof of vaccination is provided by either:

(i) being vaccinated onsite,

(ii) uploading your COVID-19 vaccination card, or

(iii) completing the required COVID-19 Vaccine Declaration. Berkeley Lab COVID-19 testing is also available to employees who have been vaccinated, and is on a voluntary basis.

COVID testing at the Lab is self-service. Employees and affiliates who work on-site may pick up a test kit and return the completed sample to a lockbox at one of three locations:

  • the B50 Auditorium hallway

  • in B76, Room 220A next to the kitchen

  • B977 Potter Street lobby (717 Potter Street, Berkeley CA 94710)

Completed test kits returned to the lockbox are picked up Monday through Friday by 9 a.m. with results usually available within 48 hours. Completed test kits placed in the lockbox on Thursdays and Fridays before 9 a.m. will have results in 24 hours.

The Lab’s testing company BasisDx, will provide and replenish the COVID-19 test kits as well as pick up completed kits.

To participate in the program:

  • If you have never been tested for COVID-19 through the Lab, contact the Lab's COVID Information Hotline at 510-486-5000 to be registered for testing. Once your registration is finalized you will receive an email from BasisDx asking you to complete a one-time consent form.

  • You do not need an appointment to pick up or drop off a test kit. You can drop off the kit at any time; the vendor picks the kits up at 9 a.m. Monday through Friday so it is best to drop it off before then.

  • The BasisDx website uses a two-step authentication process. You will be sent a code via email and/or text to continue to the next step.

  • Go to the Building 50 auditorium lobby, room 220A in Building 76, or the Potter Street lobby to pick up your kit (Potter Street lobby security is available Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to noon to grant access)

  • Perform the test following the posted instructions.

  • Return the completed test kit to the same location and place it in the dropbox.

  • BasisDx will send you a text and/or email when your sample is received at their lab.

  • BasisDx will send you an email and/or text with a link to the test results once they are released.

  • Do not share the test kit with family members or friends since the results will be returned to your health record.

  • A team member or supervisor is welcome to pick up and drop off several test kits for Lab employees or affiliates to eliminate multiple trips. Completed samples will be stable for approximately one week as long as they are not exposed to high temperatures, such as sitting in a closed automobile.

  • Returned test kits will be kept in a lockbox located in either the Building 50 auditorium lobby or the Potter Street lobby until the vendor picks them up.

BasisDx will drop off new kits when they pick up completed samples so that the site is continually stocked. There are illustrations on site and with the kit that provides information on how to perform a self-test. If you have questions or issues, please contact the COVID Information Hotline at 510-486-5000 or covidinfo@lbl.gov.

Store COVID-19 Test Kits at Room Temperature

  • Test kits should be kept at room temperature at all times. The test kits are sensitive to heat, such as being left in a car, which can affect the quality of the test results.

  • Completed samples should be turned in the day it was completed/taken.

  • Employees are welcome to take an extra kit home for sample collection which should be turned in the first day they are on site the following week.

Testing Eligibility

Employees and Affiliates are eligible for this testing if they have completed the following steps:

    • Received supervisor authorization to be working at a Lab site

    • Have been assigned to, and accepted conditions of, a WPC Activity with the Lab’s COVID-19 controls

    • Are asymptomatic

You will need to electronically sign a consent form to schedule your test, which includes granting permission for your results to be shared with public health authorities and with the Lab's Health Services.