Jan. 3, 2022

New off-site COVID-19 testing option for mission essential Lab personnel

Dear colleagues,

As part of a new pilot program, beginning Tuesday, Jan. 4, the Lab will provide an off-site COVID-19 testing option. The test location is outside the Blackberry Gate in the Horseshoe Parking Lot (F Lot). This option is intended for mission essential Lab personnel who plan to work on site and who have recently gathered, traveled, or believe they might have been exposed. Hours of operation will be 7:00-10:00 a.m. on weekdays.

To take advantage of this program, pick up a BASIS PCR test at the Horseshoe Lot, self-administer the test (at home or in your car), and drop off your test kit at the same location. In most cases, your test results should be available the next day. Review these self-test instructions.

If you have not had a COVID test through the Lab's vendor, BasisDX, in the past, please register before dropping off your sample; this will speed up the processing. Register for testing by contacting the COVID Information Hotline at 510-486-5000.

As part of the Lab’s COVID Prevention Program, medical surveillance including COVID testing is required weekly for those following Protocol B, and is optional but encouraged for those following Protocol A. Report all cases of COVID, even for employees who are not on site, to Health Services by calling 510-486-6266.

If you are approved to be on site by your area and division management (mission essential), you may also pick up and drop off self-administered testing supplies at three onsite locations: in the lobby of the B50 auditorium, in the lobby at Potter Street, or in B76/Room 220A next to the kitchen.

The Lab testing program is intended to help ensure that those coming to work on site do not have asymptomatic COVID-19. Never come on site for any reason (including to obtain a test) if you have symptoms. Do not come to a Lab site only to obtain a test if you are planning to work from home.

If you have questions about Lab COVID-19 testing, please call 510-486-5000.

COVID Information Line