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Newly Hired Staff Resources

Space Usage Guidance

Business-Related Travel

Working at UC Berkeley

Collaboration Tools

  • WorkTogether - a new site that brings together the Google suite of products to make it easier to work together.

COVID-19 Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality

Building Capacity Report

Feedback Resources

There are three ways to provide COVID feedback at the Lab:

Returning your team to work


Health -- Coming On Site

These are the items that need to be reviewed once, training, weekly, symptom check, and daily, self-monitoring, to return to a Berkeley Lab site.

Take the mandatory training and commit to the health pledge before you come on site the first time:

Complete the symptom check each week before you come on site:

There is no form to complete, but perform a self-check for symptoms before you come on site every day:

For supervisors, here is what to do if an employee reports symptoms or a confirmed case of COVID-19

Working at a UC Berkeley location

Emotional and Mental Health

Other Information -- Returning On Site

Work Planning & Control

Things To Know If You Are On Site

Badge -- You need to badge in at the gate and badge in to each building you visit.

Buildings -- Elevators are single occupancy only unless otherwise posted. Follow directional signs for walking paths through a building or interior space.

Cafeteria -- The cafeteria is closed until further notice.

Custodial Services: Services are limited. Please empty your trash into a centralized waste sorting station at the end of your shift.

EHS -- Learn more about cleaning, face covers, and safety return to work checklists.

Facilities -- Learn more about custodial services, cleaning vehicles, and placing work orders.

Health Services -- Call 510-486-6266 for Health Services assistance.

Parking -- Parking is off-hours eligibility; if you are a Lab badge holder you may park in any general or blue triangle space.

Security - Call 510-486-6999 for any needed security assistance.

Shipping & Receiving -- Open for normal services. Packages are being delivered to the recipient. Call 510-486-4935 for assistance.

Shuttles -- Shuttle service is on call only at this time. Make your reservation at tripshot.

Travel: Safely AWAY from Lab sites.

Other Lab websites with COVID information:

EHS: COVID-19 information

Facilities: COVID-19 information

HR: COVID-19 information

IT: COVID-19 information