Obtain Your Digital Vaccination Record

Many Bay Area cities and counties have implemented (or reinstated) orders requiring proof of vaccination to enter restaurants, bars, and other businesses. These orders allow businesses to continue to operate while protecting against the spread of COVID. These orders provide several options, including showing either the physical card or an image of the card from your phone, using several approved third-party apps, or a QR code from the State of California vaccine record website.

To get a QR code of your vaccination status, you can obtain a digital copy of your vaccination record through the state’s Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record website. If a match is found, the website will send a text or email with a QR code. Save the QR code to your phone to use as needed.

Tip: Some people have trouble receiving their digital records when using the cell phone option. If you receive an error text, go back to the site, fill out your information again, and select email instead.

If you have lost the physical vaccination card, you will need to talk with your healthcare provider or go to the California Immunization Registry (CAIR) website to request a full immunization record that includes COVID-19. This may take several weeks so plan accordingly.

If you have not uploaded a copy of your vaccination record to the Lab’s occupational health record system, you may do so at clinic.lbl.gov. You may upload a copy of your vaccine card (not the state's QR code) using one of the following image formats: PNG, JPG, PDF, or DOCX.