As of June 3 face covers are required indoors for all.

When face coverings are required at a Lab site, one of the following options must be worn:

  • N95 respirator (without exhalation valve) - all are encouraged to use this greater level of protection

  • KN95 or KF94 mask

  • Surgical-type mask

  • Cloth face covering worn over a surgical-type mask (double-masking)

  • Filtered cloth face covering

Face covers are not required when alone in a room with the door shut.

Face Cover Requirements as of June 3

  • Indoor masks are required for all people regardless of their COVID vaccination status (vaccinated and unvaccinated). Read more about face covers.

  • Masks are also still required on Lab shuttles and in Health Care settings, including Lab Health Services (Building 26).

Read more about face covers

Read more about COVID protocols


Required: COVID booster by Feb. 28 or within 30 days of becoming medically eligible for booster.

Testing Locations: Potter St. and Building 50 auditorium & B76, 220A

Report: COVID positive results to Health Services @ 510-486-6266 for both on site and teleworkers. If you cannot reach Health Services due to the overwhelming volume of calls you can also reach the COVID info line at 510-486-5000.

Weekly: COVID symptom check if coming on site

When to Contact Health Services: You are required to contact Health Services at 510-486-6266 if:

  • You have COVID symptoms

  • You have a positive test for COVID

  • You have close contact with someone who has COVID or has COVID symptoms. Refer to Chapter 46.8.A for details.

In all three instances DO NOT COME TO THE LAB. CALL Health Services at 510-486-6266 for guidance. ALL CALLS TO HEALTH SERVICES ARE CONFIDENTIAL.


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