COVID Testing at the Lab Ends March 29

Report confirmed COVID-19 cases: All cases of COVID-19, even for employees who are not on site, should be reported to Health Services by calling 510-486-6266. Case information provides data to develop additional guidance.

COVID testing at the Lab ends on Wednesday, March 29. All samples must be in the drop box by 9 a.m. on March 29 in order to be tested. 

Lab voluntary on-site COVID testing is ending at the end of March. The last day to drop off a sample for those still using the testing service is Wednesday, March 29, by 9:00 a.m.

There are now many options for community and home-based testing that didn’t exist when the Lab first required weekly COVID testing for unvaccinated workers before coming to a Lab site. Weekly testing has not been required since August 2022.

However, testing, either PCR or rapid antigen, continues to be required in some situations at the Lab:

In these situations, you can obtain a COVID test from the Lab by contacting Or you can obtain one through your healthcare provider, a testing site, or a pharmacy. The Lab will continue to make testing available when there has been an exposure in the workplace. 

If you need a COVID test for Lab-sponsored business travel, you may obtain the test from a local testing center or pharmacy and include the receipt in your travel voucher.