COVID Testing 

Report confirmed COVID-19 cases: All cases of COVID-19, even for employees who are not on site, should be reported to Health Services by calling 510-486-6266. Case information provides data to develop additional guidance.

COVID testing, either PCR or rapid antigen, is recommended within five days after exposure to someone with COVID-19 (i.e., close contact), especially if you or those around you are at higher risk. In addition, testing may be required in certain official business travel scenarios.

The Lab will continue to make testing available when there has been an exposure in the workplace or if there is a COVID outbreak.

In the above situations, you can obtain a COVID test:

Please check to ensure the kit is within the manufacturer's expiration date. Many manufacturers have extended the expiration date. You can check your kit at the FDA website to confirm its expiration date. 

When COVID-19 testing is required for Lab business travel, you may obtain the test from a local testing center or purchase a test kit from a pharmacy and include the receipt in your travel voucher (expense report) along with appropriate supporting documentation of the costs (receipts) and documentation that COVID-19 testing was required.


If you are experiencing symptoms, please contact Health Services at 510-486-6266 for return-to-work guidance.