Dec. 22: The Next Few Weeks are Critical

Dec. 7: Number of On-Site Workers to Be Reduced this Week

Dec. 4: Preparations for Monday's Stay-at-Home Order

Nov. 29: New Language in COVID-19 Symptom Check: Stay Safe

Nov. 20: The Lab's Response to Moving to a Purple Tier; You Have a Role

Nov. 16: Risks and Rewards of Thanksgiving This Year

Sept. 4: Wishing You a Safe, Healthy, and Relaxing Long Weekend

August 5: Follow Up to August 4 Town Hall

May 31: Working Together During Pilot 1

May 26: Town Hall slides

May 8: Extension of Administrative Leave; Telecommuting Agreements

May 5: Health self-screening process

May 1: Video Reflection: Director Mike Witherell on the Lab's Transition Team

April 28: Extension of Bay Area Shelter-in-Place Orders Through May 31

April 21: Use of Face Covers at the Lab

April 17: Extension of Adminstrative Leave & Invitation to Town Hall

April 14: Extension of Administrative Leave to April 20

April 10: Video Reflection: Director Mike Witherell on Pride in Lab Employees

April 6: Extension of Administrative Leave

April 3: Clarification on Recent UC Budget and Staff Announcements

April 3: Video Reflection: Director Mike Witherell on Living Our Lives, Inside

March 31: Bay Area Shelter-In-Place Orders Extended through May 3

March 28: First Confirmed Case of COVID-19 at the Lab

March 27: Video Reflection: Director Mike Witherell on Creativity, Resilience

March 24: Guidance on the use of Administrative Leave

March 21: Status of COVID-19 at the Lab

March 13: Lab to Transition to Curtailed Onsite Operations by Close of Business Thursday, March 19

March 6: Message from the Director: The Lab’s response to COVID-19

March 5: COVID-19 Update: Concerns at the Lab

February. 28: COVID-19 Update: Clarification on Self-Isolation, Italy and Iran Added to CDC Level 3 List

February 27: COVID-19 Update: Self-Isolation After Travel from CDC Level 3 Countries, Return To Work, New Hires, Telecommuting, Inclusive Behavior

February 26: COVID-19 Update: International Travel Restrictions, Arriving From CDC Level 3 Countries, Health Tips

February 25: COVID-19 Virus Update

January 29: Travel to China On Hold Due to Coronavirus